Why Cleaning Equipment After A Fire Is Important

damage that a fire can cause. Sometimes, you will be lucky enough to catch a fire related problem before it damages most of your cost worthy items. Most of the time, you wont be able to salvage much. IN the event that you do have intense fire damage, not all has to be considered lost. From burnt and corrupted files on a computer, let alone the computer itself, to beautiful furniture and generations of passed down family heirlooms and sometimes you are lucky enough to save them. The clean up is devastating and can take months to finalize. While it is important to clean and take care of what has mattered most to you, make sure you pay close attention to the equipment in your home and garage as well.

You should know that there are many different important considerations when caring for the clean up of your equipment. Your equipment can and will range from electronics such as televisions, computers, VCR’s and DVD players, phone related objects and power tools that would be in your garage. Your tool box and other automobile equipment that might be of use to you as well. When you experience the casualty of a fire, make sure call your homeowners insurance company and document the remains. They will usually initiate a claim based on the damage. When it is safe to go back into the house (safe from hazardous smoke, debris, etc;), be sure to take a video and/or pictures of the aftermath. If you are worried about the smoke damaging the hard drive of your computer, most of the time the smoke will not ruin anything. 90% of electronics hardly takes smoke damage when there is a house fire.

When carpets, draperies, upholstered furniture and clothing are found after a fire, they can usually be refurnished, with the exception of scorched or severely water damaged items. A professional fire restorer can clean the soot and what is left of the damage after the fire is through and you have gathered your detailed documentation. They usually have the best equipment to take care of your items, in an efficient amount of time. If you decide to clean the equipment yourself, remember how important it is to keep safety your number one priority. While taking extra consideration in cleaning your equipment is very important, you must let all of the areas that have been engulfed in flames, cool down, making sure that all of the cleaning supplies that you are using are not fire hazardous or will not spark when hitting open vapors. Opening windows or even remaining outside while you clean your equipment is the safest. It is highly recommended to cleaning equipment such as lawn and yard mowers than may have been effect along with desks, chairs and tables that may be salvaged. Stoves, kitchen appliances and laundry units are important to clean right away because of the electrical outlets that take the most damage and should be dealt with first.

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