The 2012 holidays are going to go down in history as being a very stormy time in the US as severe weather has prevailed in many parts of the country. At least 30 tornadoes struck across the South, blizzard conditions were reported in several states in the middle of the country and the Midwest is bracing for snowstorms the day following Christmas. Heavy snows, ice and sleet are expected to make travel very difficult for people trying to get home after the holiday in Indiana, Michigan and Ohio where up to 10 inches of precipitation is being forecast.

The National Weather Service is urging people to either stay out of the weather altogether in the Midwest or to postpone their travel plans for at least a day. It is warning that heavy ice accumulations can cause tree limbs and powerlines to fall, which could take out power for many. Tornadoes touched down on Christmas day in four states: Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas destroying scores of homes and leaving tens of thousands without power. The big storm system also caused winter weather conditions in Oklahoma where a multiple car pileup occurred on an Interstate, injuring several.

The biggest tornado reported struck Mobile, Alabama Christmas day. The twister which struck at about 5pm, touched down a total of five times just outside the downtown area. Several businesses and homes were damaged and power was knocked out to over 20,000 people. A Mobile high school sustained serious damage from the twister as did a church. Meanwhile, blizzard conditions hit the midsection of the country causing vehicular accidents in many areas as well as downed trees and powerlines due to high winds. Hundreds of flights in the US were canceled by evening on Christmas due to snow, wind, ice and sleet.

The National Weather Service has Winter Weather Advisories in effect for the Midwest on Wednesday as they severe weather is forecast to move into the region. Some areas in southwest Pennsylvania could get a foot of snow while other areas are expected to get anywhere from 5 to 8 inches. Freezing rain may also fall across the Midwest where temperatures will be hovering right around the freezing mark.